spineWhat is Chiropractic to you?

Pain Relief?
or Correction?

The chiropractic profession offers many possibilities to aid and assist you in your health goals. Whether you wish to attain pain relief or correct underlying problems, we are here to help you get results.

Early Detection- Chiropractic check ups from an early age can detect problems  early. Finding and correcting a Subluxation(misalignment of spinal bones causing diminished nerve function) early  can help minimize the degenerative process later in life. The age to start is from birth! Did you know the most traumatic experience you will ever undergo is birth?  Children are adjusted implementing a careful, gentle technique and all Chiropractic Doctors are trained in adjusting every area of the spine, regardless of age.


Regular chiropractic check-ups help maintain the adjustments and prevent interruptions to the nervous system which cause symptoms, dysfunction and disease. We suggest a check up of once per month, at minimum. Due to the 24 moveable parts that move in 6 degrees of range of motion in your spine, misalignment can happen easily and quickly. Simply stepping off the curb and jarring yourself is enough to misalign your spinal vertebrae!! A chiropractic adjustment will condition and strengthen your spine and prevent that small slip from becoming a major health problem later.

Be in the BEST health that you can be!!

Schedule your appointments
on a regular basis and make it part of your health regime!

We are here to serve you 6 days a week!!

Dr. Carolinne Aleman, D.C.

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