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King West Centre- Richmond Hill


We at the King West Chiropractic & Wellness Centre focus our attention and efforts on overall wellness.  Since our centre offers many healing therapies, it enables us to help patients address all realms of health concerns.

Our mission is to meet and surpass our patients’ needs and desires for OPTIMUM HEALTH. Through education, careful examination, and sincere care for your well-being, we will strive to meet the highest level of quality service and commitment.

Our passion is to empower people of all ages, by educating them on prevention of disease and optimization of health.

For Chiropractic Appointments please call the clinic: 905-773-2225


For Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, TCM/Acupuncture (Fertility/Woman’s Health), Dental Hygiene, Reiki, Ear Candling and Detox Foot Bath Appointment’s click the Button Below.

For Naturopathic and Homeopathic appointments,  click the Book Now button below:
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For Psychotherapist and Homeopathic appointments, click the Book Now button below:
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