Healthcare Products

King West Wellness Centre has a variety of healthcare products to aid your treatments and can be picked up at our clinic.  Names of products and general descriptions are provided below.  Feel free to email or call for additional information.

Pain relieving product that lasts several hours by roll-on application.  Uses all natural ingredients.
NOTE: Very popular item.

Magnesium Calming Cream
Magnesium calms nerves and muscles, aids in the reduction of cramping and hypertonicity, and combats stress and fluid retention.

10 Minute Cushion
Orthopedic Lumbar Posture Cushion.  Using the natural force of gravity to reset the spine, neck, and shoulders into a stronger, healthier position.

Posture Medic
Improve your posture.  Strengthen, stabilize, and stretch.
NOTE: Different sizes available.

Reusable Gel Cold/Hot Pack
Soothes aches and pains with a reusable and microwaveable gel pack that stays flexible.  Latex free!
Cold: Place in freeze for at least 2 hours.
Hot: Place in microwave for 1 minute.
Remember to put a thin layer between the gel pack and affected area.
CAUTION for those with circulatory concerns.

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