laser lightRapid Recovery With MLS Laser

(Pain Management & Wound Healing)

Wound Healing: By increasing ATP production, initiating angiogenesis,

increasing oxygen and food loads, stimulating nerve function and

blocking pain pathways, the MLS stimulates healing internally, as shown in these before and after photos.

Rapid Recovery MLS Laser uses innovative Multi-Wave Laser technology to improve cellular function, enhance tissue recovery, decrease inflammation and pain.

The treatment works by penetrating the tissue with multiple wavelength, low-level laser energy or light-emitting diodes to alter and improve cellular function. This improvement results in decreased inflammation, improved tissue repair, and faster healing.

Rapid Recovery MLS Laser Therapy uses two wavelengths to provide synchronized and

continuous energy to stimulate cellular function and

decrease pain. When cellular function is improved, this in turn decreases inflammation, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and decreases fluid build-up. Pulsed laser emissions, on the other hand, have a practically immediate effect on pain, since they are able to induce analgesia, interfering with the transmission of the pain impulse to the higher brain centers. The combination of this multi-wave achieves an optimal effect to provide recovery and relief.

Who Could Be a Candidate?laser on foot

MLS Laser Therapy improves pain and inflammation associated with any type of injury or wound that needs healing. Wounds, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Tendon & Ligament Injuries, Back & Joint Pain Muscle Sprains & Strains, Tendonitis, and Post-Surgical Swelling are extremely effectively treated. Unlike pharmacological treatments, there are no known negative side effects with multi-wave light based laser therapy. The treatment is FDA approved, safe, and effective.

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