water on rocksAre you feeling frustrated by your health issues?  Worried that you have tried “everything”?

Try the medicine that has helped BILLIONS all over the world!!

Chinese Medicine has been used for over 3500 years to keep the body healthy and prevent illness by improving circulation and correcting organ imbalances.  Some of the more commonly treated conditions included:

    • Allergies
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Headaches/Migraines
    • Eczema Arthritis
    • Weight Loss
    • Diabetes Mellitus
    • Atrophy
    • Painful Mensturation
    • Asthma
    • Impotence
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Menopause
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Infertility
    • Insomnia
    • Stress
    • Chronic Pain
    • Depression


After turning 40 I found it was much harder to get a good nights sleep, I would toss, turn, and my brain would never “shut off”. I’ve tried natural sleep aids and didn’t want to even consider the possibility of a narcotic. After meeting Lilah and complaining of being unable to sleep, he mixed a prescription specifically for me. I admit, it didn’t taste exactly great, but mixed with a bit of honey, I drank it and enjoyed one of the best nights  sleep I have had in months. A deeper more sound sleep, without waking feeling drugged or tired.  I am a firm believer in Chinese Medicine.”  B.M.


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